Welcome to HyLearn project

We have a pleasure to welcome you on the portal of our HyLearn project realized in the frame of ERASMUS+ program.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the necessity to adapt to the challenges of the new reality. The learning of all people, including senior citizens, the unemployed is to be organized using modern technologies and new educational approaches. For this reason, it is important to improve the digital competences of adult educators (andragogues), who work with this target group. The development of digital skills of adult learners is a must, too, because most of the public services, such as shops, banks, local municipality, etc. have moved into the virtual environment. HyLearn project enables adult educators to keep up-to-date and organize the learning process in attractive and accessible ways. Hybrid learning approach is coming more wider according to the need and andragogues need to have competences for hybrid Learning (HL) implementation. However when used HL in education there is also important virtual assistance technology, that learner will be not left without the answering to the raised questions. For that can serve the technologies (AI based) that are coming to the educational processes. Moreover, there is lack of competences of andragogues to develop content with integrated assistance technologies (AI based).

Virtual assistance is very important when there is no teachers support these chatbots based technologies can help to learners and will answer to all questions related to the content. New technologies and innovative learning approaches attract people to continue their lifelong learning and enable them to keep up with the tendencies of other EU countries. Implementation of modern learning approaches helps to strengthen the image of the organization and opens up new possibilities to learn, socialize and be active. Participation in the international project will provide the possibility to establish new collaboration networks and adopt the best practices of other adult organizations. Our project partnership collaborate with different organizations working with adult education as a target group. This project has a direct connection with one of main concerns and priority at the moment that it is to upskills adult educator digital skills. HyLearn is implementing it with an adult educators-andragogues that really need these skills. Project fulfills the main assumptions of partner’s organizations environment for adult education.

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